Rust.exe has stopped working

Upon the start of my game I receive an error “rust.exe has stopped working”. I have scoured the internet for ways to fix this including advanced startup options, reinstalling, verifying integrity of the game cache, different beta options, and even starting the game with the RustClient file (which worked but it led to “EAC: Unconnected” errors which I couldn’t solve either).

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Do you have any antivirus installed? If so, name?

Yes I have Kaspersky Pure 3.0

Try disabling Kaspersky temporarily, see if that improves the situation.

:scream: Nope no changes

Have Kaspersky exclude Rust.exe and run it directly from that exe.

Nope still the same error


Double bump? Anyone?

I’ve been having the same problems for a couple days now. Tried re-installing, verifying, running as admin, compatibility mode, and ensuring windows and drivers are up to date. I’m totally stuck.

Yea I haven’t had any luck yet either :frowning: