Rust.exe is not working on startup.

Please help i recently bought the game and i played for around 10 minutes. i closed it and i tried to do some old method of fixing lag problems but i didnt realize it was old. i tried running after that and all it says i rust.exe has stopped working. i deleted the file and and the .cfg i made but it still dosent work. i vallidated the games cache, reinstalled the game, and even restarted my pc after all of that and it still dosent work. for some reason i switched my game to the legacy version to see if it would work and it does. please help.

heres whats happening:

thanks for reading.

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please help D:

Please D: i really need this to work.

It’s very easy to fix. The only thing you need to do is create a new user on windows and open rust from that user. That fixed the problem for me!

what are your computer specs? specifically ram and cpu. looks like an out of memory error perhaps.

i dont know how to show you. is there a way i can?

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and that didnt work