Rust.exe not starting

Rust.exe not starting at all - Reinstalled multiple times with administrator privs.

Can start Rustclient.exe but as EAC isn’t tied to it I can’t join EAC activated servers

Have tried the following.

Reinstalled EAC with Admin Privs
Reinstalled Rust with Admin Privs
Uninstalled Rust - Cleared Registry
Got someone to send their Rust.exe

Any help is appreciated as I’ve been craving rust again. thank you

Check your antivirus software logs and settings, my EAC has been blocked by AVG , i’m solved this problem by adding game folder to antivirus exceptions.

I’ve disabled firewall alltogether and have made expectations to all of the executables in the rust folder. Still no go

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Checking services atm, seems the EAC is stopped? when I click start service it doesn’t do anything, just stays stopped.

It’s definitely the EAC, but I don’t think it being “Stopped” has anything to do with it. I am having this problem as well but the failure to start comes with a BSOD. I’d also love to fix this problem that has started after todays patch. All the little fixes around that people have said will work for them have not worked for me either.

try this: Post #29

ah bugger, this all happened after I downloaded it. I never ran it I just turned off my pc when it finished downloading, was wondering if that would’ve caused this. Been trying to find a fix for 3 days now and it’s slowly making me depressed af. lol

Which Windows version and which anti-virus are you using? When did the issue start, if you can remember roughly last time you played the game?

The EAC service cannot be started manually, so that’s normal behavior.

For troubleshooting this further, could you add me in Steam Friends ( and we could do a quick remote session to find the culprit and get it fixed asap. Thanks!

edit: If you are using Panda Anti-Virus, it’s definitely causing the game client to be terminated. We’ve been actively trying to get in contact with them to work out the compatibility with latest Panda AV versions, but they’re incredibly hard to reach. We’re hoping to work out this problem as soon as possible.

can you add me too i sent you a request, thanks.

Windows 7 Sp1 - AVG(Temporarily Uninstalled) The issue started when I first downloaded it - I never ran it and shutdown my pc for the night, came back and it wouldn’t start. Last time of playing rust, approx 3 months ago.

I sent you a request and look forward to getting this sorted :slight_smile:

Good luck waffles I hope you get to play soon… I hope me too.

Yeah thank you man, looks like the EAC fella is sleeping atm - Hopefully we can get it fixed tomorrow :3. Best of luck Linero

Hm, did you end up getting a response Linero? still no luck

bumparooni :3

Bump same issue.

Any fix yet Jake?

Nope I uploaded dmp file but no response yet on my thread

I just had a corrupt os basically I just reset my os

and that worked heh? bugger…I may have to reinstall os