Here is me, just got rust and played it for about an hour.

I know it is in Beta but i get a horrible scene of FPS lag so bad so much delay it is horrible?

To start off I would like to know if there are plans to make the final game a Program not a web player game.

The reason as to why you may be getting bad FPS / delay is because of the amount of players on at once.

Yes, and adding on to that…

What about other servers mabye?

There are issues for some involving Google Chrome. Does Firefox or Safari improve things at all for you?

Firefox did help…Ill try it again.

Safari heh no…

But Firefox cuts off the top of my game…

I +1 this. Different servers would also make Rust a lot more streamer friendly.

I have +80fps at all times. Either lower your settings or turn on fullscreen. It boosted my fps from 50 to around 80-100.

Both of the main questions you asked have been answered many times in this forum, but recently Garry himself answered both on this blog . Please for the sake of the forums take ten seconds in the future to search a tiny bit.

I noticed a significant increase in fps when I switched from in browser to fullscreen. That and the number of players on is huge. That server wasn’t meant to handle 250+ people.