Rust Exp. - RCON - inventory.give not working correctly.

I am an admin on my server and I can go into console (F1)
and issue

inventory.give “hatchet”

and I get a hatchet. now the item in-game has a name with a capital H but only lowercase works.

I have tried other other items like inventory.give “Metal Fragments” with and without caps and it says invalid items.

is there a master list of items and spelling? Legacy rust you had to type it exactly like the in-game name but this is not the case in New Rust.

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NEVER MIND! - found this post (using search who knew!!)

basically items have lowercase and underscores instead of spaces so:
so Metal Fragments would be “metal_fragments”

You could also press F1 > Item List then simply click to give yourself an item (it lists all items in categories). The website you linked to isn’t used any more so it won’t list any of the newer items.

Same thing goes for teleports or warps. If its two words then it has to be with these “” things :slight_smile:

you mention teleports. I can’t find the teleport commands or coordinates. I understand you can teleport and have airdrops at coords.