Rust expedition behind the Mt. Everrust

Hello everyone,
sorry for my Bad english its not my Motherlanguage

here i will post pictures and things i discovered in rust that are behind the mt.Everrust not behinde the one sidearm, i talk about the whole bit mounten you can see. yes there is map behind that, its far away from the street who actually goes in a circle, as far as i discovered the road part is ca 2-4% of the whole map, i cant tell if that is playable area or not becouse we walk in admin Godmode around. We ( Noxy and Eismaus ) are the owner of an server where we test things and discover some cool stuff and this is our new projekt. it is for everyone who thinks the road part is the whole map. its not! im sure the whole isle will be playable in the final release (at least i hope so) thats why cars and even playercontrolled helikopters should be implementet in my oppinion but thats something different. lets have a look on the mountain itself.

ok now lets have a look from above

amazing isnt it? i will post more as soon as i discovered more our quest will go on :smiley:
feel free to post your pictures and expirience about the other side here :slight_smile:

The resources don’t spawn that far out though :confused:

well u can build there that is confirmed and it looks very amazing ^^

Which is what keeps 99% of the people away :slight_smile:

as my girlfriend said the last one looks like 4 boobs xD but awasome landscape who ever did this my most respekt cant wait to play regular in here :smiley:

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yes thats true even animals dont spawn here ^^

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i name this mountain the Mt. Rustboobs becouse it looks like that its location is x-2157 y426 z-5558

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airdrop confirmed they land there no bugging away or some kind of bug

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ok we are now on the other side of the map and will go on, we found some kind of little mt. everrust at the end, it really looks amazing :smiley:

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we made a little coffe rest and while my gf smokes a cig. i tested the build-abbility on the little mt. everrust

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Wounderful Landscape we will now climb the last big mountain he looks a bit like a knife or some kind of sword xD

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well we finally reached the top of the sword mountain… was difficult to climb the top but possible well… everything you see from up here is playable map, and the street isnt even near… just amazing

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well and these are the last pictures i make, last supply test and even on the mountan it workes

finally i can say the map will be very very huge, we need nearly 2 hours just to soround the map and we are still not back at our starting point

well if u loose your dud somewhere u wont find him that quckly xD

hopefully they will fill the rest of the map soon becouse the beauty is just wounderfull, everyone who has a bit time can also travel u just need food it is safe even without admin godmode i think

Thanks for this. Awesome

it takes about 5 hours to circumnavigate the island. you can cook in the open…its a less stressful life out here.

yes it is and 5h is confirmed from me we needed 6h becouse smoke and koffe breaks (girls >_>)

your very welcome :slight_smile:

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oh fergott to post that one i like it and it will be my new background :3

I took a few screenshot too, as an admin. We are very similar, i also like to explore the map with my friend and build experimental bases there. I took a few screenshots too:
The whole road:


Moon rising as the sunset is on the other side:

i think this is actually a very pretty game. When i play on my laptop i go with fastest settings, but still managed to take this screenshot:

Have you come across this yet?

I remember going up the mountain and falling down the other side not being able to find a way back up, aaaahhhhh ya those were the times…and when I tried to climb back up but fell down again and broke my legs, I gave up so I decided to explore farther north and had a wonderful time looking at the landscape. I hope they keep this side of the map looking this way without all the rocks and shit blocking the way.

its fantastic terrain out there.

I like to think of it as the Admin happy hunting grounds, and I think I’ll be equally pleased and gutted when and if the system is finally configured to spawn stuff there and people start moving over, away from the road.

wooow no but we onely made a circle around the island do u have the coordinates of that thing?

currently the map is 16km x 16km, where only 2km x 2km is used atm.

they are working on a new map with rivers etc that is 8km x 8km big and is fully developed.

No, I was a bit lost when I stumbled on it. It’s somewhere just to the east of hacker valley. I almost fell in it. I don’t know if I’d have been able to get out or not.

It’s nice to explore, don’t get me wrong. But those of you posting “I can’t wait until the game is finished and this whole island gets used!” are in for a surprise. The devs have already stated that the map is just a placeholder. They may build out the island, or they may make a whole new map. It’s all up in the air.

Jesus Christ that’s a lot of image links.

im sorry just dont wanted to embett them all and picr has no “libary” function :confused: