Rust Experimental Admin Help

I have just started my new Experimental server and could use some help. What I did know from Legacy is not working in my favor.
I can’t seem to figure out how to make myself an admin. I have used “ownerid 765XXXXXXXXX name” via the console but nothing happens.

Any help would be great!

Use like this -> ownerid 765XXXXXXXXX
Then use “server.writecfg” in youe server console. Look youe server save directory, find users.cfg

Not sure what I am supposed to do here. I went with your recommendation and used…
ownerid 765XXXXXXXXX

I still have no admin abilities

there is no ownerid tag that i know of for experimental only moderatorid

I still don’t know what I am doing wrong.

  • Open Rust via Steam
  • Play on my server
  • Open Console
  • I’ve done both moderatorid and ownerid
  • Log out and back in
  • Still can not use admin commands

You seem to be typing it into your client console. You should be typing it in your server window console. Otherwise just anybody could add themselves as an owner or moderator to your server.

You are absolutely right, I was not aware I could not do this from inside client. Mine is hosted by Game Servers. Any insight on where to get a server console?

Use Rusty for experimental

and have a look at this thread.

I haven’t dealt with Game Servers myself so I don’t know how they handle their servers, but if you log in on their site you should be able to access some sort of control panel and view a console from there. I’m afraid I can’t help beyond that. do not have a console, use Rusty from my post above.

I have been trying to connect via Rusty Experimental as well but couldn’t get it to connect. I used that previously with the Legacy version.

EDIT: Found my problem, everything is good now. Thank you all for the help.

Does anyone know if there is a godmode for admins on the experimental servers yet? Would like my admins to settle disputes without getting shot in the face…

Is there any way to remove a moderator using a command as my server provider doesn’t give me access to the user config file.


I am having the same issue. What was your problem/solution?