Rust - Experimental: BUG or Feature? - Looting through window bars

so I built an armored fortress with window bars only to have my son (yes my RL Son) walk over and loot a large storage box through the window bars.

I thought the purpose of super expensive window bars (200 each wood/metal/stone) was to keep people from shooting and entering and looting like in Rust legacy?

PS: if you must know he took my C4 and a tommy gun with ammo - kids don’t respect elders anymore.

The basic rule is to never put a window where someone can get to it. If they can get to it and see something, they can activate it, be it chests, furnaces, tool cupboards, etc. Never put windows on a ground floor where someone can get up to them.

The point of the expensive metal bars is to prevent someone from easily smashing your bars and getting in through your window. You can still shoot through them.

they block some of the window, but not all. so you can loot, shoot and even drop gear through them, but there is the obstruction of the bars. as crunch said, it’s mostly to stop players entering, keep your lootables away from windows;)