Rust Experimental Climbers Club........

This mountain has been on every experimental map Ive played…

We at the “RECC” love a challenge …3 of us decided to try and reach the summit of the mountain we call “the finger”.

1: no Tping
2: no setting home
3: If its worth doing, do it the hard way.
4: If you fall, you make your own way back.
5: If you die, we laugh :smiley:

We had so much fun trying, and got that close that we thought we would not succeed !
This was as close as we thought we would get,

But in the end we won !! and only 2 of our team fell along the way…

So the “RECC” challenges all others to post their screen shots of making it to the top of “The Finger”

We have other Mountains in the map to climb next and hope others join us.

It’s not as easy as you think.

nice to see something other than raiding being posted;D