Rust Experimental crafting bug

hello facepunch studio and Rust community, I just got a big glitch/ bug or whatever… I was crafting 1500 gun powder to make c4 and than i went afk that dont have to wait… when i came back it was disconnected because i was inaktiv for about 10 mins, when i reconnected i saw that i only had 250 gun powder (thats understandable because when you are not at the server it doesnt continue crafting) so i looked into the crafting menü how much left and the counter went down so fast and i didnt got anything… so i closed rust and restarted but nothing was here? So i lost the 1250 gun Powder :/… But i still love Rust the game is amazing and sorry for my Englisch. I hope you will add weather soon that would be amazing :).
King regards