rust experimental direct launch


I’m wondering if there is a way to create a desktop link to rust experimental.
Right now I have to go to steam and select it every time.

Right click Rust in Steam, select “Create Desktop Shortcut”

it creates a shortcut to rust legacy.
what I’m missing?

Rightclick your Desktop, New/Shortcut, in Path add:


Change code to fit your own location of Rust Experimental.

nope, it launches rust but then I cannot connect to any server since steam is not loaded with it.

I guess it doesn’t find servers because starting the game directly might bypass the launch of EAC.

I’m sure Experimental will have it’s own GameID some day.

EDIT Typos.

Make the shortcut launch Rust.exe instead of Rustclient.exe out of the experimental directory. Rust.exe initializes EAC and then hands control to Rustclient.exe which is the actual game binary.

Indeed, I guess I did’nt paste my shortcut code correct, as it has Rust.exe as you mention, and not RustClient.exe which I posted in the code, anywho, thanks for pointing it out, hopefully OP will enjoy it.