Rust Experimental(EAC)

;< Hi there, pretty angry/raged at the moment, i’ve used quality time i could have spent with the one i love. I’ve been getting so frustrated/worked up for this to work, i’ve tried just about all that i can think of bar researching C4 and commiting sudoku. So can someone please be of assistance!?

I’ve tried
start>run>cmd(administrator) sc delete easyanticheat
Run as administrator (steam and rust)
Turned off windows firewall
Opened the ports for easy anti cheat on modem/router
Disabled the Modem firewall
Disabled UAC
reinstalled Rust+experimental
Cleaned out the registry/cc cleaned old files
Tried 3 different computers (Desktop, Laptop, Laptop)
Tried 4 different accounts
Tried installing/running easyanticheat from the beside the one that comes with rust, including deleting the one that came with rust, (stayed on game a bit longer, but game just closed without warning*assuming that rust experimental said there was no anti-cheat running).

Which AV are you using?

anti-virus, not installed, even if it was i would have disabled.
bitdenfender disabled, mse disabled/not installed.

Bit you say is disabled which would mean its not uninstalled. Shits n Giggles uninstall it.


When you start the game from Steam, do you get any specific error message?

You know you’re really distraught when a computer problem has you solving number grid puzzles.

Make sure DEP is turned on:
Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Performance section Settings button > Data Execution Prevention tab

The first radio button, “Turn on Data Execution Prevention”, should be selected. I don’t specifically know this to interfere with EAC, but it’s been interfering with VAC lately, so it’s worth a try.

How do I commit sudoku?


Nope, enters game servers fine, moments later (30- 60seconds later) Disconected due to EAC not running/installed. I’ve also done manual install through CMD, .bat and through rust+folders.

It was/is on. ;| i’m puzzled.

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