Rust Experimental - First Impressions (3 hours playtime)


i am a rust fanatic…you may recognize me from Trello or in game user name “Green.” :smiley:
Last night i grabbed two of my close friends (one new to rust and one like me with around 300+ hours) to start up in experimental and play around… we played for roughly 3 hours, below is our experience:

I am writing this a day late because it took me some time to figure out how to get Rust to work on my PC due to various issues and unplayable framerate. From searching the interwebs it seems many people have various solutions… what worked for me is running in “beautiful”, adjusting the shadows to 0 and putting the draw distance and terrain quality at 50%. This was a bit frustrating because i know my PC’s requirements can handle almost everything on full.

Hour 1:
The new player and i spent roughly all of the first hour trying to find each other, doing so through terrain description was very difficult. In the end, we committed suicide until we both had visible landmarks (Praise our doge statue overlord). One frustrating part of this process for the new player is that before he boarded the suicide travel bus he had gathered TONS of resources while looking for me, but then had to kill himself due to getting stuck between a rock while scaling down a mountain. Once we established our area the other player joining us was able to suicide over and over and eventually found us within 10 minutes… Woohoo!

While yes it took way too long and we resulted to abusing the suicide command to find each other here is why i am not worried… On the Trello landmarks are being developed like crazy and these made recognizing areas for us extremely easy. When there are good amount of landmarks in place there should be a nice balance of ‘getting lost’ and recognizing / navigating the map. Also, addressing getting stuck between rocks… it seems like the fall damage isn’t working/needs balance, this combined with the drawback from randomly generated maps you will be bound to run into things like this occasionally.

Hour 2:
We all eventually met and got a 3x2 building up fully upgraded level 6 in very little time. It seemed that we had an absurd amount all resources besides cloth which we had none. During this time we only had one visitor (who glitched up the wall of our base and killed the new player lol) which seemed a bit boring and unlike the fast paced Rust myself and the other player were used too. As mentioned the fully upgraded building went up super fast and the majority of our time was spent trying to find animals. As a more positive note both I and the old rust player made similar comments about how things such as animations, texture, building felt more polished and enjoyable.

From my perspective i had a lot of concern here because the amount of resources you receive seems a little crazy… i had over 10k stone and metal ore from less than 15 minutes of wandering and throughout the entire playtime we didn’t even need to use it all. I am sure some serious re-balancing will need to take place before the final version. This becomes even more of a concern as we were able to get a top tier building up in relatively no time at all.

Hour 3:
Our third hour was essentially trying to find cloth and food along with some basic exploring because we became limited to what we could do without a good amount of cloth. At this point with the lack of people trying to attack us (around 80 people in the server) we really hit lull of activity.

Cloth seemed very reasonable and hard to come by until we found an area with literally 1.4 billion animals all clumped together. Food we noticed you could just kill a teammate… harvest their meat to eat and then have them re-spawn at a bag… Eating human meat needs to come with severe drawbacks. We ran into people throughout our play period but no where near the intensity the old rust brought, hopefully they design a few vehicles soon to combat the size of the map.

Overall, we really had a blast playing but it is in a state where there need to be a few changes to have that same original Rust appeal. I am sure once more content is introduced, issues addressed, and some severe balance work done it will be fantastic. Right now i feel like it is in a state where 1 or 2 more play periods and we will be bored… IMO slow the mid game down severely and find a way to give us more player vs player activity.

With all that being said, i am looking forward to playing again later tonight.
Thanks for reading and see you in game!

very interesting feedback.
I had the same experience myself

Thank you my friend, appreciate the feedback.