Rust Experimental Forums gone...

Does this mean we are going live! Probably not, but I can hope…

One step closer to Experimental becoming Rust, and moving away from Legacy,
This is a good move experimental posts were being posted in both forums,

No, it just means they weren’t getting used properly. Threads in this forum were about both. So no real point in it existing.

Garrys the new Debbie Downer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

fair enough. makes it much simpler anyway:)

Can’t expect most sheep to know which enclosure their in.

Just need to remove the link from the site.

One step closer to the launch of the legacy forum section.


Hmm… I kinda liked the Experimental forum, as questions about the Experimental version are usually very specific to the Experimental version, and can’t be answered by 95% of the people on here who only play legacy… but I can see Garry’s point too.

BTW Garry, if you are reading, try not to get disheartened by all the tw*ts and 14-year-old trolls who slag off the great work you are doing on Rust Experimental. The new world is so submursive (immursive?), the scenery is breathtakingly stunning, the cabin-building function / system is brilliant and endless fun, (my cabins get more elaborate each time I play). I understand that it is still a work-in-progress, and many of the features from Legacy don’t exist yet, but I think Experimental is already WAY better than Legacy, and the best 20 bucks I ever spent! Keep up the great work, there are more people loving it than hating on it!

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