Rust Experimental Map Size

Hello guys, how can i increase map size on my Rust server?

Increase it from what? The current range is 2-8km square, and it defaults to 4km square.


-server.worldsize x

in the command line.

-server.worldsize 8000

the command line to put in your .bat is

-server.worldsize 8000

you can do 2000-8000 but i was under the impression that the default size was 4000m

Edit: Ninja Edit by Elix LOL

Ty. And what about decay function? How to disable it?

decay are you on about legacy or default ?
as there is no decay in development yet.
and NO map size change in legacy.

Any way to change this on a Multiplay hosted server? I tried putting the worldsize command in Server.cfg but it has no effect.

No way you can change the config with Multiplay. I moved over to gamservers, they let you access the server.cfg file :smiley:

Ahh OK thank you x) I shall start pressuring Multiplay.

Update for servers hosted by Multiplay;

Using the latest Oxide version I am now able to change the map size in the Clanforge control panel, currently testing 6500msq maps without problems so far - only thing to watch out for is the increased memory usage (6500msq uses ~2.3Gb on mine atm)