Rust experimental Map

Hey folks, i do a come back to rust. New experimental seem to have shit load of nice looking stuff. But damn iam lost now, to learn to play iam ok, but i need a map lol. So do you know if there is any yet ?

Experimental’s maps are procedurally-generated. You’ll learn the map soon enough, just as you learned Rust_Island_2013.

That is, when maps don’t have to be wiped frequently to preserve performance, which should be coming before too long thanks to the devs starting Unity 5 integration. The server admin can also choose to regenerate the same map seed, and unless the map generation has changed, it’ll generate the same map.

So far, I haven’t seen garry say anything about adding in-game maps to Rust, but I could be wrong. However, this’s been suggested so many times and I haven’t seen him say “I’m adding this eventually” to any of them.