Rust experimental mods, who can explain it...?

Ok, so I must say that I am so happy I moved my server over from rust legacy to the wonderful (always being worked on and updated/upgraded) rust experimental.

I see that some servers are using a great mod called “Pluton” ( but they lack the full details about how to actually install this on your server like Oxide used to be so good about explaining to some of us that only know how to operate a perfect lag free server.

I notice they have some steps for those that want to run a server from home, but I bought a dedicated server (which by the way, the specs are freakin amazing so come join my server if you want zero lag) and I would like something like this please: {The following is an example of just how a full detail explanation would be like.} [Grab the folder named “folder name goes here” then drag and drop all these files (via ftp) into this new folder. Be sure to put this new folder “Pluton” under this folder “whatever folder it has to go under or in” into your directory like if you have a folder called cfg and one called save, then this new folder named “Pluton” goes under those and all the contents go inside the Pluton folder. Next you may edit this file with json or the other listed programs so that you can customize /tp point, /kits, /sethome, etc…]

Ok see what I mean, I love details and it actually helps the community thus offering more servers for people in different States and Countries that are closer to that particular server so they can experience greater game play with low pings. But it seems people are too proud “oh look at me I am the only person with a mod” instead of sharing just how they were able to implement the mods into their server.

Once someone amazing explains just exactly how they were able to place the new mod into their experimental server and get it to work, I am going to “pay if forward” and share it with others.

I thank you for your time and let us all have fun playing rust while keeping those untalented hackers/cheaters out of this game. Tell them to go play WoW or something. :zoid:

Shoutout to Garry for this wonderful game and the future of rust, keep up the good work man!

If you bothered reading at their forum, you’d see, that the mod is only in a, let’s call it testing phase, and the readme included in the .zipfile explains pretty much what needs to be done in details.

ps. why not use the topic you linked to?

If I bothered reading…? I did read that. I still do not get it.

See that’s what I mean, it’s not laid out for newbies like myself.

I never compiled anything before, what I did was, go to the topic on their website, read a few things, grabbed the suggested program to compile with, after a few trials and errors, I got it working, so “noobs” can do it too.

Well you are much better than I am. And compile…? See what I did was grab the stuff off of the website as mentioned I then put it under the 2 folders cgf and save, restarted my server and nothing.

So, tell me what you did exactly and that would be awesome bro. Not sure what compile means like how it goes.


Chill, if you don’t even know what compile means, then most likely you don’t want pluton on your server just yet. :wink: We have a supporter now (streamline-server) and we can get 2 others. We need to make an updater, so they can put it to the modmanager, we don’t yet know what do we need to do for that. Also is just a temporary place, we will move to our own forum soon, get some plugin in the resource setcion and then we will release the mod in binary format. That could be one week or even more, so please be patient. :slight_smile:

I am totally chilled not to worry about that at all. I just like the mod, and I really would like it in my server right now. A simple explanation of compile would be cool. I read everything on that page and I know it’s all new, in a temporary state and all that, but would like to use it for now.

And also, I am totally patient. :slight_smile:

-don’t look, I’m stupid-

Nah. It’s C#. No assembly required. :slight_smile:

They said the same thing about Oxide yet I was able to go right in (because it was in full detail how to install it on my server) then I totally used json to write script and make all my own customizations. So the average and skilled admins could mess around with it and edit it to their liking.

That’s not the part I am asking about. All I need to know (and actually a lot of admins want to know) is just how and where to install the Pluton mod on our server like we did with Oxide…

I really do not think people are reading my first post, rather it seems they just want to point in another direction.

I know html, Visual Studio, C# (C sharp), json and some lua code. I freakin do not know how to put this new mod and make it run.

If you’ve read all pages, you’d seen people mentioning Xamarin as tool for compiling, and after you’ve compiled, you follow the rest of the instructions in the readme which comes with the .zipfile, which tells you exactly where to put what.

I did read it, but I am imperfect so I may have missed something. I thank you sendjes for taking the time to explain that to me and bearing with me. I appreciate that. Now back to the drawing board. :eng101:

I tend to just go ahead, and keep doing it until I succeed, so as far for me explaining it, I’m pretty sure it could be done alot better.

mate, its for developers only right now, developers being people who are capable of writing scripts, compiling and getting it set up without help. once a release comes there will be info on how to set it up, but right now its not a release. be patient