Rust Experimental Playermodel Draw Distance

Why is the draw distance for player models so low, even with with draw distance in f2 maxed and video settings on fantastic?
Seriously, its like 50 yards, 100 if you’re scoped with a bolt action. Is there any way to increase it?

I dunno but its awful surprising when players pop out of nowhere.

The netcode right now is absolutely terrible. Combat is a joke whether it be melee or ranged. The melee weapons swing about 3x faster than they should and the hit detection reminds me of itchy and scratchy on gamegear except maybe even worse. The guns are inaccurate as hell. Facepunch really had no business changing experimental to the default version yet. Legacy is still 50X better if it werent for the rampant hacking and the fact that VAC is complete trash.

Was this always an issue or did this come about recently? I just noticed this last night.

Just started maybe 2-3 days ago.

Yeah about 3 days ago, but the viewdistance before that wasn’t great either.

Honestly, the player viewdistance should be almost as far as it can go. Bullet physics and other things don’t need to register that far, but players, structures, and explosions, things that you would notice far away in real life should register.

Speaking of view distance issues, I notice a problem that we had in legacy. Fires are rending before walls do. I have found plenty of people that I didn’t feel I should have due to this.