Rust experimental server connection issue?

So i recently found out that rust is getting rebuilt and what not and that is amazing…the game needed a bunch of things fixed and so on…but i got the experimental patch but when i try to join the dev server with 28 people connected it just stays at status_connecting then after a bit it says status_disconnected and wont let me join the server :frowning: and i really wanna see how its turning out

Edit: My console is saying weird stuff now…

This has been happening to me to, I really want to check out the grass improvements and such. I’m loving every bit of the EXP build. I guess we gotta wait for a fix

Same thing happening to me

The experimental server is not always up, so you can’t always connect to it.

I saw the server up. With 28 people in it…might’ve been a visual glitch but i refreshed alot and it was still up so…

it was in debug mode last night, rejecting any connect requests. they must have been working out some kinks;)

I have been trying for days to connect to the experimental. The server count is always at Zero. I figure I will just wait this out for about a week and hope the server connection issues get fixed.

I can’t even get into the original Rust either. I’m not banned or blocked. I just can’t connect with any of them anymore ever since they added that “Play Rust or Experimental” version menu came out.

Do you have security software blocking Rust from accessing the internet? If you have security software, make sure you make exceptions for both the legacy and experimental .exe files. And the EAC exe.