Rust experimental server missing from browser

Hello everyone !

I’m french guy aged of 21, I’m an alternate student in IT network, and I have a little issue with my server for the pasts months now.

For the little story, I decided to make a rust experimental server last november, on my dedicated server from ovh.

My server run on debian, thus, Rust server doesn’t work on linux.

I did a windows server 2012 R2 VM on my linux, I installed rust server from the rust website, I disabled the firewall on windows and mades the iptables rules on my debian.

Everything worked fine, it was on the browser master list, my friends and everyone else could join, perfect.

Here is the deal, since the last huge update of rust back in January, my server is simply not listed on the browser. The server is up to date, no error when I launch it, I can join the server via the ingame console, same for my friends.

Sometimes, the server show up for ~4 minutes after a restart, and disapear.

I search over the net, I found this thread and other things, but I couldn’t fix it.

I saw something about being blacklisted ? I don’t think it’s my case, I didn’t do anything wrong.

Please, dear community of Rust and Facepunch, could you help me find the path of light, and help me in this periple to fix my server ?

Thank you all.

EDIT : I reinstalled windows server 2012 R2 and Rust again, same issue.

Thank you for posting your autobiography, it was most interesting.

Firstly there is a native Linux server now, you don’t need to piss around with Windows. Next your server probably isn’t in the browser because there is a limit.

A limit ? :what:

I don’t think it’s the problem, new server are coming up every now and then, and they’re listed for more than 4 minutes ! :smile:

For the linux part, Should I understand that the differents files from rust server are now up to date in steamcmd database ?

Yes, Linux server works but there are some issues for the moment. I wouldn’t recommend to use it.
For example:

:nope:, I will not go on linux for the moment, I saw many threads on steam forum about rust linux problems, ew.

So, I still need to fix my issue ^^ (Even If linux worked, I wasn’t going to let go of my problem :smug:)

It’s all about the entries. I believe it is 200 or 300 is allowed ( i can never remember). So, essentially you are battling with the 1000’s of other servers

I find it really weird, so how did I do for 2 months without problems ?

And how the differents server provider ensure a qos ?

Could be the amount of servers that have signed on since then? Lot of servers out there man

Ok, I have now an idea of the whole things, thank you.

So, to have my server on the list, next time there is an update, I do the update before the others ?

It isn’t a matter of how or when. It is the luck of the draw.
More than likely your server is listed already, it just is not on a listing higher up.
Use there you can enter in your server name to see if it is indeed listed or not. If it isn’t you are doing something wrong.


The main reason is that i’m not lucky enough since January ? :goodjob: HAHAHA Awesome.

I’m listed on :smug:

Too bad for me. :cry:

EDIT : I’m still not satisfied, why am I the only one who’s asking at this time ? I don’t think that’s all ^^

Its isn’t called experimental anymore. Now it’s Rust and Legacy.

Hope that was useful.

You aren’t the only one asking. This thread happens about once a week and has been happening for months.

Ok, thank you for your answers.

Someone know if they’re going to expend the list ?

How server’s provider can ensure that their rust server will be listed ?
I think there is a solution to be listed.

It would be nice to have an official answer about that because, as far as I know, nobody really knows what the limit is and how to be selected.

The limit is currently 200. I do not know how the server list orders the list to figure out which 200 are displayed.