Rust Experimental: Speed hack, No Clip through walls. Youtube Example.

This is how servers are currently being rampaged recently, new community hack released

Allows you to run at variable speed and you can enter all bases easily as they have
no walls.

This is similar to the resource hack for legacy rust where you can place sleeping bags
in the walls.

Let’s hope there is some kind of checks implemented in the future builds to check
if resources are modified etc to strip away textures.

have you posted it on the bugs/suggestion site?

if they are hacking what are people on a forum going to do, its up to vac and eac

As a server admin, I’d love some speedboost tbh… but not using a hack

Keep in mind these cheaters are only assisting the dev team to locate and destroy the vulnerabilities in the game. They will be banned, and the game will be more resistant to scripts like this, give the development team time. I suspect they have a lot on their plate as it is.