Rust Experimental takes 30 minutes to launch

Rust Experimental server takes 30 minutes to launch

Hi, currently I am still waiting for the console to appear, it takes like half an hour to be joinable.

It is currently stuck at this log state with no console visible but the .exe is taking up ~500 MB of memory:

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sorry for double post, server has just started here are the rest of the logs:

hi the server take lots of ressource !!! mine take more than 2.5 gb memory you let me laungh with your 500 mb it seem you have not enough memory? how many?


ram is not an issue, it climbs up to 1300 megabytes when it has started. I have more than 3 gb ram available.

then you ask you use 500MB and now you ask you use 1.3 at start by the way mine never go down after loading you yes? ok maybe then what cpu? i got 4 core+ht