Rust Experimental Unplayable

Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but whenever I open the experimental branch on my Mac (My other laptop is being fixed for about 1 month) the laoding screen has unbareable lag and no servers load when i click play game. Is there anything I can do or is this simply a bug and I’ll have to wait it out?

Thanks in advance

Yes, build a real PC.

Get the fuck out of here dude.

OP, optomization for Macs is still something that’s being worked on at this time, and until it’s more in the devs focus it’s gonna be really brutal since the experimental is a pretty fresh build. I wish you all the best and hope they get it running better soon for ya.

Thanks dude :slight_smile: should be getting my proper windows laptop back soon which runs the game perfectly on high settings so just gotta wait it out aha

You can try connecting via ip, not gonna fix the lag tho
F1 “client.connect”