RUST - Experimental - Wood 250, Stone 500, Metal 200, Armored 1000?

If Wood is 250 and Stone 500, why is Metal 200?

Because it’s supposed to have differing protection. Bullet resistant is one. But it should also be melee resistant which I don’t think it is much.

Can I find the stats somewhere?

I want to understand if Metal is better than stone against Pick/Axe/Rock and Guns/Explosives.

any table like in Legacy that states something like:

Wood = 100x Hatchet, 300x Pickaxe, 1x C4, 40x 556, etc. (examples only not real data)
Stone =
Metal =
Armored =

from what i can tell this is mostly up to date. rustafied is always a good source.

It’s not so much about damage as it is durability. Metal walls will destroy your equipment FAST.

yeah but you go from 2 c4 protection per stone wall, to 1 per sheet metal wall. the sheet metal takes about the same amount of picks as a stone wall.

So… build the one that matches what resources you have… or wait until you have both and build an armored wall.

I thought metal was tool proof?

Because bullet proof isn’t much of a perk, would be a tier below stone if that’s true.

Metal is NOT tool proof. I’ve hacked through a few armored walls. It takes a long time even with a small army of people hitting them and a ton of pickaxes. I think it would discourage any but the largest groups from attempting a tool raid. Anybody who defending who hits it with a hammer one time will set the raiders back 10-20 minutes, if not more.

I’ve seen people discuss the weakness of sheet metal in real life, so in that sense this seems to work. But gameplay wise I don’t think it does.

At this point I just skip metal and go straight to armored, as does just about everyone else. I haven’t seen any metal ways. It’s always stone, then armored.

Seems like this might work:

Wood = I think wood is good right now.

Stone = 2 C4, takes 6 fresh pickaxes to get through.

**Metal **= 2 C4, takes 10 fresh pickaxes to get through.

Armored = 3 C4, impervious to tools.

EDIT: Although as it is the metal walls can make a decent fence I suppose.