Rust expiremental ruins my computer.

When I launch rust expiremental I am usually unable to join any servers, and if I do I get disconnected a couple of minutes after.

But that’s not all, when I shut down rust expiremental I am unable to open new programs on my computer, and I can’t use my browser etc… I had to restart my computer in order to get it working again.

This was not a one time thing…

Anyone else experiencing this? Or have any idea how I could solve it?

Any help would be much obliged.

post your computer specs.
Also it clearly says “experimental GET OUT” so it’s your own risk to play it.

you use bitdefender don’t you

I’d recommend you not using the USSR model 1982* ‘Kalashnisoft’* & upgrading to something more suited to this day & era. :v:


Are you using Bitdefender anti-virus? We are currently experiencing an incompatibility issue with them which causes system instability when EAC is loaded to system that has Bitdefender.

We are currently examining this issue ourselves and hoping to provide a patch as soon as possible, and they are also looking into it from their side.

Sorry for the problems this has caused, restarting Windows will fix the crashing issue.

I am well aware, I would just like to take a peek at it once in a while. If there was a quick fix that’s what I was looking for, i’m not complaining.

OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Graphics Cards: Nvidia Geforce GT 540M
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz

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I’m not using Bitdefender, I am currently using AVG Free anti-virus software and have been during the event.

Thanks for your reply though.

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If you’re referring to my computer, it’s not at all that old. It has seen better days, but that shouldn’t be the cause of this.

yeah if you have rust experemental on and you are on google chrome u cant type

Try reinstalling rust? I don’t know what kind of issue you are having. Maybe uninstalling your antivirus for a short period and then seeing if it works.

Update: I had to re-install my OS and format my HDD for other reasons, I attempted to play rust experimental afterwards and it worked just fine. No issues. Not sure what was causing the issue.

My best bet would be removing AVG and see if the problem persist. I had this issue when i had AVG. Switched to avast and the problem is now gone.

PS: If you run as admin or add EAC to the ignore list the problem will also get fixed (If it is the same i had before).

Thank you,

I am now using ESET Antivirus, and i’ve had no issues so far. maybe my thread will help!