Rust Extreme FPS drop after recent updates???

Okay so recently Rust has updated a few times and along with that I have updated my intel graphics drivers. My specs are: Before these updates I was able to run Rust on my GT 745m 2gb on max quality with vsync and reflections at 1280x720. now i can barely get over 30 FPS on lowest settings at a lower resolution. PLEASE HELP!!!

Yes, there is a massive fps problem on the latest client build. I have no actual proof, but the group I play with have all reported the same issue.

Yup, the lag is much worse. I’ve had to adjust the timings on the scripts we use because clients aren’t drawing as fast as they were etc.

We’re not talking about lag here, just low fps… or do you not know the difference somehow?

I’m sorry to hear about ur problems but still I find it very funny when people complain that they get 30-50 fps max and how its unplayable for them. I’ve been playing Rust with 15-20 frames for about 1k hours now and its so easy for me to kill ppl. Ah those first world problems.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. The game runs perfectly on 60FPS all the time… Are you dumb? Im pretty sure it’s just you and your shitty ass computer.