Rust Facepunch Ban

I was directed to you through Facepunch ticket. I was banned on my account for apparently some sort of software on my computer. I have no such thing on my account, I have over 1k hours of solid and legit game play with many hard earned hours with friends and family. I can barely afford diapers for my children let alone some cheating software for a game im already good at. I have a steam link to my profile on the bottom of this post to the account that was band to quicken the process.

You will have to wait for one of the EAC staff to confirm.

I dont mean to be impatient but what is the ETA on that?

The ETA on EAC is IDK.

Okay thanks.

This has GOT to be legit false ban if thats the case

i like potatoes :what:

(User was banned for this post ("Why Reply?" - Gurant))

Because that has anything to do with what he asked help for…

Did you roofcamp lately?

only when at my pumpjack base or to defend from raids…

In the following day or so, an EAC member is gonna come on and say something on the lines of “account have definite cheat detection”… there’s probably been 30k accounts banned by now, and from record there has been like 3 people wrongfully banned. So, let’s cut to the chase, just apologize for hacking and feel free to buy another account to be banned on.

Not going to apologize for something im not guilty of. But thanks for the SO helpful advice crazzyman228

winner of the most original validation award, congrats :goodjob:

if you are one of the very rare false bans, EAC will quickly overturn it, and close the loophole that caused it. if you are one of the far more common liars trying to remove a legit ban by bullshitting us all, you will need a new account, and a new copy of rust. i would also suggest a total reformat to eliminate any traces of the cheat unless you want to be banned again for the same hacks.

If you can barely afford diapers for your kids, you got bigger problems to deal with than a game ban.

Btw, why make an alt account on here the same day you join?

An escape from being a parent is a crime? Didnt realize you were one to plan my schedule for me but thanks.

The main point of this post is to see the reason why he was FacePunch banned and if it is legit or not. No matter what he puts in his post, we all know the main point/main idea is to see why they were banned.

A response from someone at Easy Anti Cheat could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. People come here to try and dispute their ban on a frequent basis. An overwhelming amount of the time they are found to be lying, and as such the section regulars are less than sympathetic.

Also, and not to point fingers, but it is quite well known that there are free cheats. So claiming you are too poor to afford cheats is as believable as “huh? I don’t know how to hack!”(as in it isn’t very believable).

Try contacting EAC directly. It may or may not speed things along

No, the main point of this post is his plea to be unbanned when he clearly is on the cheaters list.
The rest is just us completely throwing rotten fruit at his head while he awaits the gallows pole

Okay, i’m done this guy was clearly hacking, and you know it, you’re either his friend or have been banned for hacking before, so just give up this farce, okay?

A lot of misinformation is spread in these threads.

Such as camping roofs can get you an EAC ban, or that a cheat from another game can get you banned, that an AHK script got you banned, or the sheer fact that these cheaters are told by the hack developers to claim innocence using this misinformation, or other garbage. This is all lies.

EAC bans your account when it detects a free/paid cheat running in Rust’s memory. The ban can be delayed for weeks. It doesn’t care if you’re online, offline, or that you were on vacation in the Bahamas when you were banned. It’s still going to get your ass, and then we’re going to see your thread here.