rust failed to connect(connection banned)

id like to know wtf this is? i just started playing this game with my friends on there server and this morning when i try to log into the game, i get in and am picking up wood and rocks and w/e and i get kicked, i try to get back in and i keep getting a message saying failed to connect (connection banned) i haven’t cheated or anything, so why was i banned? is it some kind of server issue? i can start new on another server but i don’t want to…all my friends and all my shit is on a server that im now banned from for no reason ? how do i fix this ?

my name in game is imran.chintan if thats of any help…

the admin banned you, there’s little you can do. find a new server.
maybe have your friends try to contact the admin if they’re still on the server to find out why you were banned.

It sounds like the admin of that server banned you… Server admins can ban you for any reason or no reason. Nobody here can help you with that but maybe your friends on the server can beg the admin to let you back…

but why? i didnt do anything? can my friend on there talk to him and get him to unban me? these are my real life friends that convinced me to pay 20 fuckin dollars to play this game with them and it only lasted 1 night…lol

we really cant answer that question for you. best bet is to get your friends to talk to the admin find out whats up, or you all move to a new server. Remember, for under 15 bucks a month anyone can have a server and they can ban or kick you for anything or nothing like dreamp said.

On community servers, it’s the admin’s house and they can do what they want. If your friends can convince the admin to change their mind, more power to them.

You’re only banned from that one server. This game is in alpha and you should expect to lose everything at any time due to wipes from patches. One night on a server is a very small loss.

I appreciate that this seems like an unpleasant experience, but the same thing could happen in TF2, Counter-Strike, any game that allows community hosts to run their own servers. Some admins are power-abusing little shits; don’t play on those servers. If you get banned for no reason, the admin’s doing you a favour by telling you the place is badly-run. Take the hint and move on.