Rust fan video

Hello everyone! I decided to create a video on rust game-play only to enhance my video editing education.

[removed because so bad]

I take it you don’t know how to embed a video, plus that link isn’t working.

The video overall is good, I would say make it more toward the 2 minute mark, one thing I will point out is every person who has made a video so far has made it all about shooting each other, rather than building a shelter, like all someone needs to do is make a timelapse of building a shelter just to show more of the game rather than making it all look like a CoD montage.

Apparently I don’t.

Mind helping me?

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I didn’t want to add boring stuff because the song was really dramatic…

I could see that working though.

Nice video. There’s crosshair in rust?! How to enable it?

I believe the command is /set xhair 1

With the latest update they removed that command because players aren’t meant to have it.

i chuckled at ‘iron oxide’

This is pretty good actually.

Why are your graphics so bad? it doesn’t even take much to run it at max graphics…

your concept is good, goodjob

Cant wait until i can get my hands on this give :slight_smile: congrats on the vid it was awesome!

Without music not so awesome … but gj!

Nice video, its good at showing the early alpha

Nice video. I liked it. It was cool.

Because the gamma was turned up. I’m going to remake the video with a better song :slight_smile:

Please don’t.

Well since you said please.