Rust features: Concealment, camouflage or excavation?

Hi guys,

First time post on the forums, only got Rust last weekend and am loving it. Great feel to the game and lots of fun to explore and build. Not sure where I should post a development suggestion, so I threw it in here. Put simple, it’s the ability to build camouflage, concealments or excavation (I realise excavation/digging would be a lot trickier if not impossible).

At the moment the game can be a bit 1 dimensional in terms of find a spot, gather resources, build a place, get some stuff, log off. Log back on, it’s all gone, you’re dead, start from scratch. I know this is part of the game, and no I am not complaining about it - I just thought that for those that don’t want to join up with lots more people and work towards raiding everyone, there basically isn’t a lot to the game other than trying to stay alive, inevitably dying, sheer frustration and wasted effort.

If the game was to include the ability to effectively conceal or camouflage structures this would really open things up and make it a lot easier to get a foothold on servers. You would have two kinds of players - huge base builders out in the open raid everyone groups, and your smaller groups or solo players who find themselves a concealed spot and go about their business, guerrilla style.

Without much effort in terms of a few objects that will help to conceal (I’m thinking placing branches/leaves on walls of buildings, the ability to place boulders yourself to obstruct the view of a building, etc.) I think a real difference could be made to the game for a lot of players. Rather than just how much C4 and guns the other guy has negating anything you could possibly build - now you have a situation where cunning players can find effective spots and hide themselves, and raiders have to work a lot harder to hunt for targets.

As a final note, I realise that you can already do this in the game. You can find a spot a little out of the way, build a small house and hope nobody finds you. Or you can build on top of rocks to make things difficult. But structures still stick out like a sore thumb to anyone wandering past and it would be great to have more options for concealment.

It is a survival game after all, and one of the best ways to survive from people that want to kill you and take your stuff is to hide yourself - and your stuff - from sight.



camouflage/concealment would probably be really useful for smaller bases, or tool sheds. to some degree we can do that using the natural terrain, but an actual item such as a gilee sheet or something would be a nice touch.

excavation was considered, but at this stage they are steering clear of voxels/terrain deformation altogether to keep stuff simple:)

Yeah completely understand re. excavation.

Extra items to help conceal and camouflage bases would seem to be something that could be possible without a huge amount of effort. Would love to see it!


Camouflage Bases are easy now that painting is in, you just place wooden signs on your building and paint it in camo colors and designs.