Rust - Feedback and suggestions on gameplay, equipment and housing

Hi all!

I’ve been silently following Rust’s progression, thanks to the detailed and interesting dev blog posts.
As some friends of mine also renewed their interest in Rust in its current state, we brought ourselves back into the turf for a few dozen (soon hundreds?) hours. Since we can’t comment directly on Dev blog, I decided here should be the best place.

So, here is a feedback, both on positive and negative sides, with some suggestions which I hope are constructive.
Please bear with me. :slight_smile:

Decent. I won’t detail, since devs are very well aware and better informed than me on this anyways.
Just know that on an Asus N56VZ (gt650m, i7, 8Go RAM) it runned smoothly for the most part in “simple” quality, Full HD.
On my friends’s laptop, which has only 4Go RAM, and old hdd and a bit lesser graphic cards (old ATI 5870), it took 20 full minutes to actually get ingame and game had to be fastest to be playable.
No more on this, I know you’re working hard on optimizations so it’s bound to improve by leaps. We’ll be patient.
And the graphical rendering we get for all this is worth it.

Very very pleasant: all the work brought on light, reflections, grass and water really pays off, even at low quality. Good work (I hope I can run very high quality someday to enjoy it to the fullest ;)). The sounds also really contribute to the immersion. We surprised ourselves just moving around, enjoying the generated landscapes. It’s really great overall.

Gameplay general feelings
So we now get to the core. All in all, the gameplay is pretty enjoyable. It start globally the same as Rust, but the new interface really makes a big difference: discreet and readable in my opinion. Changes in crafting management (queue and cancel) and resource splitting (“cursor bar”) are really game-changing.
Also, I personnally enjoyed the hunt, while it’s sometimes a pain because animals are pretty fast, once you get the hang of it it’s doable, even deers. New building system is nice, although I have a few notes about it.

In summary, Rust now is even more enjoyable than the last, and since it will continue to improve that’s a very good news. With that said, I had a few gripes here and there, that I’ll list now (we didn’t get very far into the “tech tree” so my thoughts are really for starting players).
We didn’t go to the end of the “tech tree” (blueprints) so the few critics and suggestions I’ll make now tend to the basics.

Thoughts on Equipment
The concept is neat but there is room for improvement.

  • Writing ability is good, but not very intuitive. I have to confess I have no good suggestion at the moment to improve it though.
  • On indications still, pointing the default key (G) in the description could be nice too.
  • There should be an option to copy an existing map (or being able to equip several maps at once), like an action in the item menu (like eat/drop for food, you would have copy/equip/annotate). It could require components (map to copy + paper / notes) and last 2+ minutes. An option to “merge” maps would be great too (with or without notes, whichever is the simplest).
  • Right-click to access map navigation is not so good an idea, since it interferes with your currently active tool. As a result, I nearly killed a friend the first time, as I was holding a wooden spear which was thrown when I maintained G (to view map) then pressed right-click (to move on map).
    While I love the idea of being able to move and act while I view the map, this “right-click conflict” makes it a burden. May I suggest that, to navigate and write on the map, you have to select it as the active tool (maybe that’s already the case and I missed something)?
    Also, if you were able to integrate a kind of quick-view similar to Fallout 4 (like, you actually hold the map with your hands, occupying 60% of the screen, and an option to get full-screen) it could be nice for immersion.

Wooden Spear
I love it. Only quirk is when I want to retrieve it. The “selectable area” of the spear is very very small, making it artificially difficult to pick it up again. It’s obvious in 99% cases that when you threw your spear you want to retrieve it, you shouln’t spend several seconds just hovering your mouse until you find a point that allows retrieval.
Also, when you kill an animal, you cannot retrieve before harvesting animal, then it disappears several seconds before reappearing. I suppose it’s a bug.

Sleeping Bag
Having several sleeping bags is a very nice touch, renaming them and giving them to friends before them even coming is a GREAT idea.
Now, I think it would be logical and useful to have an action with it to actually sleep inside it. Not sure how easy it would be technically, but I see several benefits.

  1. More immersive.
  2. You can more easily spend time in cold zones (example you just have to quit now for the day, you’re in mountain: may be easier to have a sleeping bag on self than wood+stone+hammer+buildingplan to craft mini-house and campfire).
    Still on Sleeping Bag topic, why isn’t it possible anymore to pick it up (unless I missed something)? Something related to gameplay balance?

Since we disregard realism (we already can carry thousands units of stone afterall), couldn’t we have a backpack or belt added? Taking significant cost of leather to craft, takes one equipment slot, and either add “small storage” equivalent slots in inventory or add 2-3 slots to toolbar.

Resources gathering
Having stones and wood on the ground is very nice, and being able to harvest trees is a nice touch.
I find a bit sad that the stone has a durability, but since you can just pick up resources on the ground to make stone tools, that’s not such a problem. :slight_smile:

Thoughts on House Building

House planning - Foundations and Pillars
I have a bit of a gripe with house building. While the system in itself is great, it’s a pain to actually have to build all foundations, losing 50 wood each, to finally realize that you couldn’t finish as you wanted. Because you can only destroy foundations (AFAIK), making it a net loss.
I really loved the idea brought up months ago where you actually only put a wireframe then hammer it into reality, because it cost very few so you could experiment. Since it was abandoned, I would suggest one of the following as compromise…

  • either allow, for a short time after creation, to “deconstruct” it with the hammer, retrieving a fair amount of spent wood (at least 70%, maybe 100%) (AFAIK, you can “demolish” only if you have a cupboard and you don’t retrieve any resource… Or am I mistaken?)
  • or, when you have the building plan active with building foundation selected, an option to display in shades all potential contiguous square foundations in a 2-3 radius and constructible pillars (so you quickly know if your idea has a good chance of viability or not).
    The use case is basically when you attempt to build something that uses the environment around to hide, thus having to compromise with rocks and hills.

House planning - Doors, Walls and Windows
In the same state of mind, there can always happen that you change idea about your initial construction, either because you want to make it more secure or you want to bring more light.
As such, I find a bit sad that you can’t, at least, transform a windowed wall or a doorway into a plain wall as an upgrade option (it’s easy to justify too, you just put stones in place of door/windows).
It would great if the reverse was also possible.
Obviously, any of these operations would require materials as usual.

Door Trap & Ladders
I didn’t see any way to create a passage from one floor through another with a “ceiling door” and a ladder (or at least stair). Is it planned? Was it considered and abandoned? I know there have been many discussions around ladders but didn’t follow it. I’d like to have this option though. It could also be combined with the previous suggestion so that people can begin making a one-floor mansion, then when they want easily “upgrade” it to a multi-floor house by transforming one floor square into a ceiling door.

House Fitting

I really don’t see any justification to the fact that you have to actually stumble upon a blueprint to know how to build large wooden storages. Really. It’s just a larger box than the basic, and you also know from the start how to make keylocks and code locks. So I don’t get how it could create any balance problem. For me it’s just an artificial pain. Especially since you can only put storage on ground (confer next suggestion). Could you please consider…

  • Either making it a “default” blueprint?
  • Or allow small storages to be combined into other forms of storage (like twice the height or twice the length), even if you cannot put locks on it?

Is is planned already, was it thought about? IIRC, you can already suspend lanterns to a wall, so I guess technically you already know how to “lock” something on a wall. As such, I stronly suggest the ability to make shelves. It could allow players to maximize the use of small storages on a wall (and thus would void the previous gripe about large storages). It would obviously require metal fragments (for nails and supports).

As they are, key locks are only an emergency solution, but a real hassle to use intensively (like, securing internals of your house, sharing access with friends). Sure, you eventually use the lock code, but there are cases when you may prefer the old way.
The thing is, nothing distinguishes a key to lock A from another to lock B. Two easy ways to make it trivial would be…

  • Either to allow one to colorize the keys.
  • Or allow one to name locks (as you can name sleeping bags), and make keys display their association with this lock (either in name or description).

Thanks in advance for having read this long post, waiting for other players’s and developer’s opinions on it. Have a nice day,


@modos: I hesitated between starting one complete thread or several smaller ones. If you prefer the second option I’ll gladly rewrite as needed.

didn’t know that

Arf, sorry, may be my mistake. Couldn’t try yet (was lucky enough to find a blueprint yesterday just before logging out, so I’ll try shortly) but I thought it was how you used it when I read about it on developer’s blog.

So you’re probably right if yourself already crafted and used some.

i didn’t say that u are wrong, i just really didin’t know that, must try that too :slight_smile: