Rust Feedback

I haven’t gotten a beta key for the game yet but, I will start posting my feedback and bugs that encounter here, once I get my hands on it :smiley:
I’d like to ask the devs to make this or atleast make one general thread for feedback because since I’ve been looking through the forums I’ve seen thousands of threads regarding feedback and some of them didn’t even make sense!

I hope this game continues developing and making me desperate to get my hands on it! :smiley:


if this game is not free,maybe people play dayz will more then play rust.

I couldn’t understand what you meant can you type a bit more clearly?

So your idea is to add another post ‘hoping’ this will be the official one?
Anyways, I myself had to reread your post to understand it, please correct what you currently have.

lol! I wrote everything in an understandable English, if you can’t understand it I’m just gonna assume you are dyslexic!

:rolleye: You should probably read both original post, and this one, because derek1376 is correct. Your posts are hard to understand. If you see nothing wrong after reading them a few times, then I think you should take a break from gaming, and read a few books. Not trying to be a jerk, just being honest.

DayZ is technically not free now, and nor will it be when it comes out. You have to buy Arma 2 Combind Operations(Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead) to play it.

That doesn’t make the mod itself not free

you made a thread about giving feedback for a game you don’t even own

i mean sure it’s in understandable english but that doesn’t make it any less pointless

Yes, but in the future, when rust will have a full release/will need to be paid for, DayZ will have probably came out.