Rust - Few headshots

Couldn’t find my old thread on posting videos, is like 3 months old >_<, so thought id post it here. I uploaded this once again due to people thinking I am cheating. Started playing rust again recently after a break.

I personally don’t like uploading too much footage of this kinda stuff cause I think it shows lack of skill more then anything and dont find it impressive. Anyway, link is here, once again posted because people think I cheat.

Very childish saying peace after each kill, camping rooftops -_- but none the less good shots.

I play for fun, not to be mature about every kill I make, I say ‘Peace’ to every person I kill who go around constantly raiding people and claiming how good they are. An the main reason I didnt wanna post it is because of the roof top kills, I always run around the map looking for people, most of the time the people I find arent worth the trouble as they end up not being very good shots, so I sit on my roof and pick people cause its more fun then boring combat after searching for ages.