Rust files?

When you open rust for the first time you download some files! Does anyone know where they download to?
And can you play if you move the files to your secondary harddrive?


soo they dont save on you computer anywhere? It just seemed to download faster second time?

My guess would be no, because I’m guessing when you start up Rust in the browser, it will look for the downloaded files, and if it can’t find them, it will automatically re-download them into the place they originally were. But I’m sure there is someway to change it… like by changing the place the files automatically download to, but I don’t know how to do that.

AppData\Roaming\Unity\WebPlayerPrefs\cdn_2eplayrust_2ecom is what I managed to find, might not be the correct directory.

I think they aren’t downloaded each time, only checked.

Also if I may ask, why would you want to do this anyway? Trying to play rust in school?

i found that one to

but that is only 1 kb so its kinda wierd?

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naah i just have all my games on my secondary harddisk because its biggest!

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i just like having all my games (and only my games) on my secondary!

So, here’s what happens with the Unity web player.

First, the .unity3d file is downloaded. This is the main game “executable” if you will, containing all of the game code and possibly some assets as well (.unity3d is to the Unity game engine as *.SWF is to Flash). This may or may not be cached by the browser (depending on the circumstances)

Next, the game itself will load the files it needs (these are also .unity3d files, but only contain assets - models, sounds, etc. If you’ve seen games like Quake, you’ll see stuff like .PAK files - these are a similar concept), using a routine built into the Unity engine. I believe at the moment these are NOT cached, and instead reloaded every time. It’s possible for the developers to enable caching, but you cannot readily/easily access the cached files (the location of these depends on the operating system, and don’t have intuitive names)

alright thanks alot for the reply!
soo what you are saying is that there is downloaded rust game files but they are hard to find?
(not the best english here)

There might be, somewhere, but not only are they hard to find, once you find them you will not be able to tell which is which. Besides which, having the files won’t do you any good - Rust doesn’t cache them yet, so it will simply redownload all of the files anyway and save them in the same location they used to be (on your primary hard drive) and even if it did cache them, same deal - moving the files, it won’t be able to find them and will redownload them.
If Rust had an EXE distribution, you could easily move it to another hard drive. But being a webplayer, things are a lot more complicated and not really worth your time to mess with.

okay thanks alot mate :stuck_out_tongue: