Rust for android, could it truely be this here?

Is that an actual working copy of a rip-off of rust for android?

This world is rusty, like rust on a car or any pipe.

truly profound

If “an actual working copy” means a game where you have one weapon and can only walk around an already pre-generated world where you can’t place anything, then yes.

Sadly this is one of the things that the android market is plagued with. If somethings successful pc wise then someone’s gonna try to clone it and profit of its success. Goat Simulator is another good one. There’s a large handful of foreign knock offs for that on the mobile market.

this is why mobile gaming sucks

You should (obviously) assume that it won’t be that comparable to the original PC version of the game. Interestingly it’s got quite a large number of high ratings, so I dunno.

Rust’s world is pre-generated too, you know.

Yeah but it’s not a small 30x30 cubic world

Rust mobile confirmed.

You can buy ratings/reviews. Anything that can be gamed can be gamed for fairly cheap by someone in the developing world.

This, and a touchscreen gamepad. No thanks.

I love how this game is made by face-punch, not facepunch xD

facepunch was probably already taken :wink: