Rust for Mac on steam unable to start up?

I have a macbook air, and I bootcamped the laptop. I am able to start the game on windows without a problem, but the game crashes, but I’m sure I would be able to play on Mac OS if it could start up. However, it always says “missing executable”, which leads me to believe rust doesn’t work for Mac yet on Steam. Am I right in believing this?

Also, yes, I did verify the game content a few times, it still didn’t fix the issue.

The game was not meant to be released yet in the first place. They are working on getting the OSX version to work.

That’s interesting. But the game was working fine on the web player though, which is essentially the same as what the steam client is playing with, supposedly. Shouldn’t nothing have really changed? :o

Not as much, but since its going through steam, their has to be an executable i believe. Same concept but their are always the possibilities of bugs. I haven’t heard of the exact problem, i only heard OSX is being worked on.