Rust for Mobile

Does anyone think it would be possible to port this to android since its running unity? The controls so far seem to be set up perfectly for mobile devices.

too much memory i guess…

I don’t think so its not a very demanding game and it’s not very big either if it can run in a browser. I really wonder if it possible that would be AMAZING

No, did you even think for a second?
There is a reason that everything under Unity doesn’t get ported to android or ios.

I still think it can be done. Mobile processors are really powerful and there is 64 bit processors in the works. Obviously it wouldn’t be a 1:1 port some textures LOD shaders GUI elements would need to be changed but I think its possible.

lol. im sorry but that is hilarious.

On topic I dont think it needs to be done. The only reason i would use it is to reset the decay on my nonexistent house since the wipe and then id log off.

Even if this were possible, which it isn’t, but for the sake of argument let’s say it is, this would be a huge drain on the already few available resources for very, very little gains.

In short: It’s a waste of time and effort and it’ll never happen.

My Samsung GS4 could handle this game with lower graphical settings and my LTE is actually quicker than my DSL.

You’re wasting space on the internet again.

Why would you even need it on a mobile phone, if you are thinking of playing it while in the train or something then good luck having a stable connection.
Phones/tablets work quite different then a computer.

They most certainly do not. They all have processors of varying speeds, varying graphical capabilities, varying amounts of RAM, varying speeds of bandwidth.

Tell me again how they’re significantly different?

I a still think it would be worth it not to play side by side with PC players but a rust for android and iOS maybe not right now since it is in alpha and does have frame rate issues for some players. But once it becomes more developed and optimized then I’m sure there will be clones made for mobile devices. I’ve tried the portal port using unity and it really was not that bad. I don’t know why you guys are being so negative about it? Skyrim is basically on android if you guys haven’t played Ravensword Shadowlands. WoW is basically on android with Order and Chaos. COD Zombies is on android. GTA vice city is on android. I really see no problem with making a version of rust for android its a basic games compared to these.

ARM architect processors while computers uses a 64 or 32 bit architect.
Besides that, why would you need it? Afaik complex 3D games never took off on mobile devices.

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If i remember correctly, Apple’s iPhone 5S is the only phone with a 64 bit architect CPU.

Mobile devices, Tablets/Smart Phones, are weak computers. Less CPU, less memory, less storage than PCs/Laptops. The Division plans to have mobile connections that are observer roles.

Its only a matter of time with all of these zombie survival games coming out that one of them comes to mobile. I guarantee it. If its not rust someone else will

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Or how about this why don’t they make rust work with nvidia shield and its streaming option. And BTW if a gaming company like NVIDIA is designing processors meant for gaming with mobile devices you can be sure that complex 3D games have a home for mobile devices.

I don’t understand the need for “hardcore” gaming on mobile. I mean, just seems weird. I don’t need to hardcore game on the bus or in the car.

I can just play rust when I get home. Some 2d games like platformers and such are fun on mobile, but I just don’t understand.

It would merely be a matter of recompiling the game using the native architecture. Besides, computers were just using ARM CPUs years ago. They’re not so ‘quite different’ as you put it.

Mobile devices are like toddlers compared to the adult PC. They’re still growing and eventually the power of my desktop will be handheld in a matter of years.

I think this thread is a little off topic. Hopefully a developer sees this post and gets inspired to bring a game like rust to the mobile world I will definitely support that just like I support rust.

And thats why you won’t see a game like Rust on mobile phones. Because now is not ‘in a few years’.

Most people use their iPads/tablets, for example, on home wifi. They don’t want to lug around a laptop to play games.

This is for all the idiots flagging my posts as dumb:

Mobile gaming isn’t capable of running a game like Rust? Please.

No Quarter that is exactly what I’m saying mobile devices deserve a lot more respect than the people in this thread are giving them credit for