Rust for PlayStation Vita

i know this is very far fetched but i was thinking it would be a first and i would like to just take the rust experience on the go with me i know this is most likley not going to happen i was just wondering what you guys thought and if you know any simular game to rust on PSV store then that would be grate :slight_smile: (yes i know this is not the play station vita forums but Yeah).


absolutely not. the vita couldnt handle the game well and then you need internet at all times


actually maybe a really small map with like 10 people and like 2 rad towns

Yeah, I support this! Maybe we can even put it on the Wii next!

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Maybe even an Atari 2600!

Well - the Unity engine supports a ton of platforms - Vita included.

I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question - but I would say that it’s a long ways down the road, if at all.

Or Even…


god damn it why

Is it bad that I actually used to own one of those things :v:

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And if I recall correctly, we gave it away during a yard sale for like 10 bucks :v:

could possibly get it to run on the nvidia shield,

I don’t think there’s a chance in hell. It’s not a question of what Unity supports. It’s a question of what can handle Rust. My last PC, running a GTX 440, barely scraped by with 30 FPS at the lowest possible graphics. How do you think a Vita (which, by the way, is about equivalent to a PS2 graphically speaking) is going to fare?
Not well. Not well at all.

YES! Nvidia Shield

the ps vita has official unity engine support

That’s meaningless.
As I said, it’s not a question of where Unity can run. It’s a question if what can handle Rust’s graphics. And the Vita cannot handle Rust’s graphics, plain and simple.

Unity isn’t magic. It won’t make a demanding PC game suddenly run perfectly fine on mobile devices.

I highly suggest you look into how Unity uses multiplatform profiles to do exactly what you said it couldn’t.

I’m not saying Unity can’t push to multiple platforms. I KNOW THAT IT CAN. I’ve done so actually - I have written code that runs across PC, Mac, and Android. I know how all of that works.

What I’m telling you is that Rust is simply too intensive for mobiles to handle, even on the absolute lowest possible graphics settings.

EDIT: There’s all kinds of things to consider here.
Trees. Those are huge amounts of draw calls (individual messages telling the graphics device to draw something). In my experience, your average mobile device tops out at a couple hundred before performance drops like a 1-ton rock in a swimming pool on Jupiter. Trees, even with a super short draw distance before becoming billboarded trees (the billboards, by the way, look horrid up close if you look up or down, so having them all billboarded is out of the question), easily contribute a few hundred (actually I’ve had draw calls hit 1000 just with trees).
This also isn’t to mention the fillrate. Mobile graphics cards have incredibly slow fillrate compared to PC. Transparent effects particularly are taxing on mobile, trees included, as it has to redraw any pixel with a transparent polygon several times (if you’ve got a cluster of trees, you can easily end up with pixels being redrawn dozens of times, which will mean horrid performance).
Terrain. Unity’s terrain engine is ungodly slow. PCs can usually handle a single terrain object no sweat (but jesus, you try adding more than a few of those, even on a beast machine performance takes a nosedive into the ocean), mobiles can only have a harder time with this.
People, animals, rocks, buildings, etc. Every single person, animal, rock, and building is going to contribute extra draw calls. Once again, this is where I can easily see things getting into the thousands of draw calls. PCs can handle this no sweat, but on mobile forget it. That’s why there’s usually not many enemies onscreen in a mobile game.
RAM usage. I wonder how much RAM Rust uses. I know one game, Offensive Combat, that uses significantly more than the 512MB that the VITA offers. If your average small-level FPS uses that much, just imagine how much RAM a huge game like Rust needs to run.

I wouldnt make PS Vita variant of the game. Instead if console versions are ever made, Rust could be played trough the cross-play feature and then its only a matter of streaming. :slight_smile:

According to specs by System Requirements Lab the only thing holding it back is RAM. Not saying it wouldn’t require dulling the game down (view distance, etc.) but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

I think the single biggest issue is draw calls. Any PC card since 2004 can easily handle thousands draw calls, but on mobiles it’s a whole different story - even top of the line chips only support a few hundred before they start choking.

Sure I guess you can say its not out of the realm of possibility but you can say that about a lot of stupid ideas, but by the time it is in a realm of possiblity the Vita will be severely outdated for one(As this game is in early alpha and they have no intention of a vita version in the first place, it would barely boost sales and take up alot of useless development time prepping it for vita) sure vita may be able to use unity but its not a simple as it having unity means it will immediately work and even now as they stated it would not be able to run it as vita isnt powerful enough. Realistically never ever going to happen and there are many more reasons why.