Rust forcing display 1 on notebook.

Hi guys i’m having a small problem regarding rust with my notebook.

Ever since rust start forcing “display 1” i cant make my game run on my dedicated graphic card anymore. The display 1 on my notebook is obviously the integrated gcard.

On rust i’m now getting max 60fps (capped) because i cant force the game to run on my dedicated graphic card anymore

Anyone here know a way to force my display to the dedicated card or to make rust NOT use my integrated one ?

PS: The integrated card force vsync on.

Notes :

1 - I already forced the use of the dedicated one on nvida settings.
2 - It’s using the card selected to display 1 and since display 1 is the integrated its using the integrated.
3 - It’s capping my fps to 60.

vsync is just syncing to your monitor/screens refresh rate to eliminate screen tearing (thus 60fps since im assuming your screen is 60hz). if you’re getting 60FPS is sounds like its using the dedicated graphics not the integrated.

Yeah thanks for the response and sorry for so late answer but :

I checked and you are right its indeed running on my dedicated card however i have no idea why i’m getting so low fps but i checked my output log and i found this :

And this go on … and on … and on is this normal or its related to my issue ? I also noticed i’ve got some shader error with dx11 related to it. Is this normal?

Fixed 95% of this issue on my own. Found out that most of the OEM drivers for GT 7xxM are not compatible with windows 7.

Installed windows 8.1 and used the latest OEM driver and the problem went away. Rolled back to windows 7 and the problem came back. Decided to try a few stuff and nailed down the issue being to a incompatibility issue with intel driver + the nivida driver. Started using version 337.88 with the latest OEM version for intel driver and the memory leak + incompatibility issue went away.

The rest of the issue is also related to drivers not being compatible but most of this shit is because they do not support any OS prior to windows 8 -_-. You’ll have to play arround with your drivers and test it one by one. I can post the full list if anyone is having the same issue with the GT7xxM series.