Rust (fps issue)

Hello people

I have been playing Rust for about a month and I have experienced very often fps drops which are lasting from 2 to 10 seconds which make it barelly playable for me. I have tried multiple solutions from the forums which I will post below and none of them seemed to work for me.

My computer specs are:

CPU: AMD 8120 FX 8 Core 3.1GHz (Not Overclocked)
RAM: 8GB DDR3 Kingston
GPU: AMD Sapphire 7950 HD 3GB (Not Overclocked)
PSU: Corsair 750w Bronze Certified
MOBO: Biostar A960D+
HDD: 500GB Seagate
SDD: 120GB Kingston (Rust is installed here)

I have tried launch options from this thread: but unfortunatelly none of them worked for me (I noticed fps increase on some of them however the drops remain)

I know something is wrong as my friend who has AMD 7770 1GB GPU, AMD Athlon X4 965 3.4GHz 8GB DDR3 RAM, and he gets stable 60 fps on Rust with no drops (except for the rendering big building ones but everyone gets them) My other friend has old GTX 260 and he also gets stable 60 fps and no lags at all. I have the latest beta drivers for my GPU (14.6 Beta) and I also tried running the game with older drivers without any difference unfortunatelly. I have no background programs running and so on.

I would be really grateful if someone could please help me to find a solution to this problem.

intall on your hdd
Chances are your hdd has a higher “reading” speed and improve file loadings for rust

Uhhh what?

SSD is faster than HDD. Regardless, read/write doesn’t cause FPS lag.

A solid state drive has a higher “reading” rate then his other hard drive.

Try using the most recent “production” drivers instead of the beta ones.