Rust FPS Lag Questions

I’ve been playing rust getting about 15-20 fps on average lowest settings grass turned off. I even down sized my resolution.

My specs are as follows:
HP Laptop(not even 6 months old)
Nvidia 650M GT 2gigs of ram graphics card
12 gigs of ddr3 ram
Intel 3rd gen i7 quad core 2.4gz processor
Got a nice external cooling system for it.

On a side note, i get 50-60 FPS on battlefield 4 in high quality.
No matter the game i almost always get good FPS, besides Rust.
Any opinions/help would be appreciated.

welcome to alpha

Does your laptop have an Optimus setup? When you open the Nvidia Control panel, and then go to the Manage 3D Settings tab, is there an option called “Preferred graphics processor” with a drop down box?