Rust FPS- Players ruining this game

I ve started playing this game since it came out, and i can tell that it was way better before. 1 Year ago Rust was all about survival there were way more people farming mining raiding (with bows and waterpipe shotguns) now rust turned into a FPS game, Everyone camps their bases with bolts a shoot everyone on a 400 m radius even the nakeds that just spawned on the beach. Of course rust has alot of better shit now but the guns … its ruinning this game. Now its all about ak bolt and rockets. And if you dont have a clan with minimum 5 people you’re nothing in this game

Yes that pretty much sums it up o//

Time to find a new server. The game I’ve played in the last 5 months is nothing like you describe.

i play this game since the first day in steam, nothing changes since my first gameplay
you see someone you kill fast as can, or try to not be fucked up… monters are more cool now without idiot zumbies, resources change a lot. but players are equals badass killing me with they notice me… this game is like this, i play all time solo and with friends or clans in vanilla servers… anything changes, anyone even a naked can be dangerous, i just kill people with waterpipe shotgun trying to be frendly, people sometimes down the guard and i can get really close and shot if waterpipe hehehehe… this is the problem you can carry a lot of itens without other see it. Maybe if guns just can me carried in belt slots and all guns appears in back of the char, i don’t will shot in a naked with a rock and nothing more… anyway nakeds get wood and stone… 1k or more is really easy to get killing nakes… i will continue killing nakes with my weapons

Why is it that when people complain about any given style of gameplay “ruining” Rust, they always refuse – and I mean, flat-out REFUSE – to find a server that’s better suited to their preferred gameplay style?

I could understand if Rust didn’t have mandatory wipes and you spent weeks / months / years artfully crafting your elaborate base, but … whatever you do is guaranteed to be wiped out at least once a month. Sure, losing all your blueprints by jumping to another server might be a mild pain in the ass requiring an extra hour or so of effort on your part, but isn’t that better than having the game allegedly “ruined”?

Just salty kids… next-generation COD games can’t feel good if they are not winning all the time.

i don’t get… i enter in rust without know how it really are, i get into a full server my first time playing, and i did it alone, i died a lot, for players, for zumbies, even wolfs killed me in firsts days of legacy. I learn how to avoid big clans, how to kill wolfs with stone (no more possible) and how to build bases. After a while playing alone, i found one small clan, we grow in power and respect, we rule a server for months. i are alone again, but what i know make me playing like a badass, avoiding get the focus i start small and when i can make troubles i do much problems!

There is some merit to what OP is talking about. I’m sure everyone has been on both sides of the issue. As people have already mentioned there are many servers out there that all vary in population, map size, KOS and BP wipe frequency. Patience and trial & error are your best bet OP. Maybe its time to find some friends in-game.

There should be an endgame incentive to cooperating so that people will have the choice of going around pillaging or doing something together.

What is with the 400m radius jabs. If you get hit at 400m you are really doing something wrong!