Posted about this before but kinda gave up on it for a while. Yesterday i wanted to play after updating the majority of my drivers including my gpu and it still never goes above 5fps. Its not my computer, Im sure of it. I can run…

Arma 2, Chivalry, CSS, CSGO, DayZ SA, Oblivion, Skyrim, Falout 3 and new vegas, Far Cry 3, GTA4, Hitman Absolution, Loudout, Mirrors edge, Portal 1 and 2, HL2, GMOD, TF2, NMRIH and every other source game in existance all on near highest graphic settings… Except Rust! I know its in alpha but still, even on the lowest settings with all console commands to raise fps its still terrible. Anyone have the same problem, and does anyone know a fix??

Did you try to reinstall the whole game? And then run it with “-force-d3d11” in the Launch Options.

Post your specs please.

Most of those games you listed are not all that new and you haven’t provided your system specs.

On my old GeForce 210, I too could play many of those games, although most of them were on the lowest settings and with some poor results.

All the Source engine games were no problem because they’re on an old Engine from like a decade ago.

I upgraded to a GTX 660Ti Twin Frozr III OC over a year ago and have no issues with any game I own & can run them all on max settings.

If you could provide some system specs, people could narrow down the problem. My guess is that it’s your Video Card, despite you claiming that it’s not your system.

OH shit I fixed it. Turns out my noobish tendencies looked over the obvious problem. Nvidia CP was set to auto find a gpu, so I was running rust on my integrated card. Fixed now, close thread