Rust Free or Pay

Just wanted to know, when the game is realesed like… Real… would it cost? How much? Free?

i think it will cost money, nobody knows how much it will cost its only pre alpha!

Wouldn’t think it would be free … but I don’t think there is any release date as of yet since it is still in pre alpha :slight_smile:

It’s going to cost when it’s released (except for the people who have Alpha keys) :slight_smile:

Holy shit… You guys replied quick as f**k???


it probably be like Garry’s mod price when it came out.

I hope its gonna be the same price as Garrys Mod… Garry when i grow up ill work on fucking FACEPUNCH!!! CANT WAIT!!! Ill make a request now i know how to Code and Design but im only 13½ xD