Rust Freebuild?


Just wondering if you can freebuild like in Minecraft for an example there is creative mode where there is not potential and you just build what ever you want.


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Become a server admin or make your own private server.

I have a server but everytime I run it it says in the console:

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And how do I give my self items? I know the code is: inv.giveplayer yourname “556 Ammo” 50
but where do I put it, in the server console?

If you are set as admin on your server, then all you need to do to get items is hit F1, then select the item list tab, then just click on any item to receive it. very nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support guys :slight_smile:

You could always join a modded server where pve is only enabled.
Intoxicated Sandbox comes to mind.
Everyone has godmode enabled with unlimited resources. Building and testing is the main focus.

Uhm how do I give them to me there is only 4 buttons that say: BP, ARM, 100 and 1K
I clicked all of them but I don’t have any items :confused:

If you are admin once you click it , it will appear in your inventory. If you don’t get anything then you are not set as admin. If you are asking about a creative server with unlimited resources, just click on the item you want to craft, if you need wood or stone start to craft something the uses wood or stone then cancel it.

Search google on how to become admin on server. There is information which helped me too.

I know how its: moderatorid <steamid64> or ownerid <steamid64>