Rust freezes and then doesn't respond - then crashes

So this is an issue both me and a friend of mine who I play with frequently experience. It seems like whenever I load up into the game I experience a freeze for a brief tiem, and then the game will continue. After about 10 minutes another freeze and then i get the “not responding” message on my client and have to just shut it out. This causes me to have to sleep wherever the fuck I am (even if I’ve got a full bag of shit) and have to load up for an hour, rejoin the server, and hope I’m not dead by the time i get back.

9/10 times I am

Does anyone else experience this dog shit? Is the game just at this state? If it is happening to other people I’m sure they’re just as upset about it.

Hopefully someone has a fix or some advise.

EDIT: Apparently signs are causing these random drops. Is there an admin tool to remove them until they are fixed?

What are your system specs/what OS are you running on?

Windows 7 64-bit
i5 intel 3.5 ghz
8 gb ram

I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in-game that’s causing these crashes. A lot of other people on the server experience them too.

I get the sign freezes too.

Windows 7, 64 bit
ASUS ATX DDR4 3000 (O.C.) Motherboard X99-DELUXE
Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.3GHz LGA 2011-v3 140W
16GB (4 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2666
Nvidia Geforce GTX 760

Signs cause the freezes. They need to be removed until they are fixed.

Agreed. Consensus is that it’s the signs

i havent experienced any problems since signs were added despite the fact that i have a pretty average laptop

Yup. It’s signs. You can test this yourself…

All you have to do is lay down a foundation and block and put a sign on it. Often, just the act of putting up the sign will cause this crash. If it doesn’t, just walk away from your sign until it’s well out of render distance. Then walk back towards it. When you get within render distance, it will lock up your client.

I am glad you included so much detail. I think we can see from that, that your problem is the pins. It’s an even number, so signs with none even numbers of characters are logically incompatible. Also that socket is incompatible with your RAM. Socket 2011-v3. Uneven number. 288pin DDR4. Even number. See? I am surprised your PC isn’t on fire! Electrons must be flying off in all directions.

Edit: Sorry forgot something really important! I hope you are overclocking that RAM to 3000. Don’t run it at 2666mhz! If you do, there is a slight chance you will summon the devil and he will try and rip your heart out through your knee caps.

There’s more to this, though. Signs do not CONSISTENTLY cause freezes on my machine, though they definitely seem to be related. I’m wondering if this is more of a problem on certain hardware.

AMD 8320E
16 GB DDR3
840 Evo SSD
R9-280 graphics

Again, signs definitely seem to be involved, but I’ve also locked up on dropping a sleeping bag (after standing still while I craft it).

Signs will not lock up your client 100% of the time. I’ve often had the client just stutter, freeze for a second and then come back. Other times, it locks right up. But signs certainly appear to be a cause for this crash.

Gotta love all the trolls in rust. Still nothing better to do than run your mouths in some forum where legit players are actually trying to help be a part of the solution. Nice job Jenny.

lighten up:) it will all be fixed eventually, and you really didn’t need to be so specific with your specs.

I copied and pasted. Sorry if it was to much information for all you kiddies to have to read.