Rust freezes at receiving data on Linux Mint

Hello Forum.
I tried to play rust today for the first time in this year again after a huge break:D
I wanted to try out the new rust but as the title says it freezes at receiving data.

Things I already tried:
Official,modded and community servers. Deinstall and install the game again.

System Specs:
Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 64bit, Cinnamon version 2.2.16, CPU AMD Athlon X3 440, 4gb RAM, Graphiccard AMT/ATI Curacao XT Radeon R9 270X.

After research I found out that ALOT people do have the same problem as me. But all off them suggested to reinstall the game and try official servers.
So I have no clue what to do anymore.

I apologize for my bad english, I am from germany.

This poor guy never got a reply. I wonder if it works for him now? Perhaps being more persistent would have helped.

Rust currently doesn’t work for Linux for me, and hasn’t for 3 weeks.