Rust Freezes on startup (black screen) Ubuntu 13.10

I purchased the game through Steam. The game freezes on startup, all I get is a black screen (no smiley). The game and steam and completely locked, killing with xkill is the only way to kill the game.

Does it say anywhere that Rust is supported on your platform?

What is your graphics drivers? Nvidia?
I’am on nvidia-331 open

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Yes on steam.

Not that I’m 100% sure that it doesn’t say so, but I can’t find it.

PC System Requirements
OS: Windows XP

OS: Windows 8.1

that’s right ! But the game is in the Linux list too… bisare.

pretty sure people run it on linux. did you try turning your graphics settings down all the way?

Linux is supported. I purchased and downloaded this from Steam’s linux program. On Rust’s Steam page, see the 3 icons? It means this game runs on Linux, Windows and Mac.

I am running the X.Org X AMD/ATI open display driver.

I tried all the different resolutions and detail settings. Still get the black screen on start.

In case anyone is having the same problem with an ATI card. I was running the X.Org open source driver. Using Ubuntu’s software updates - additional drivers I swapped from X.Org to the ATI fglrx-updates proprietary driver. Problem solved! I should have known, the ATI open source drivers are pretty terrible for gaming.