Rust: From Scratch Pt.2 [YT Series]

Part two of my series, Rust From Scratch. This one includes a voice-over and is longer.


This halped me a lot.


Happy to help!

Isn’t there a seperate thread for everyone to put their YouTube videos on (and to advertise their 3 subscriber channels.)

I’ve posted four YouTube videos here now about Rust and they seem to not care.

Nice Hotline Miami soundtrack in the background.

Thanks, I love Hotline Miami. Any other types of music you’d like to see in the background of my videos?

Skrillex and the heaviest dubstep you can find.
On a more serious note, something calm and slow would work as background music. Perhaps something like the first 4 minutes of this gem. Although if you value your youtube channel, you should be careful about your choice of music as you can get copyright strikes if you use music made by the big people.

Also don’t take me wrong, but you sound a bit bored in the first few minutes of your video and that might make some people turn off the video. It’s most noticeable (atleast for me) for the first 3 minutes, but it may have something to do with the choice of music.

I don’t need any help in Rust but I did watch the full video and I can say that you’re really useful and you can help out a lot of new players. Nice video.

I’m not really used to doing commentaries, I have another video prepared, and you can clearly tell that I’m getting better, so I hope this doesn’t put you off for too long. (also had just woken up, won’t do that again)