Rust: From Scratch Pt.3 [YT Series]

Part 3 of my series, Rust from Scratch. Hopefully, the voice-over is a little better. I’m getting more used to talking to nothing and I hadn’t just woken up! This time I discuss building a shack, and what to do at nighttime.


If I were you, I’d make a single thread and just bump it every time a new video is released instead of making a new thread for every video.

I don’t really see a reason, they should have a discussion about each video instead of a discussion of the entire series?

I think the best way to begin from scratch is to run and kill zombies with the stone,
then go to rad zones and get loot and blueprints, doesn’t matter if you die… find “paper” and “research kit” , the go find craft table in some abandoned base…and keep getting those blue prints… then when you got all blue prints, time to kill more zombies for loot… then you get metal-fragments, “food” and “ammo”… and probably find a “weapon” to defend yourself… also “armor”. Then collect wood with a “pickaxe” zombies dropped.,
Hunt alot of animals and stone to make a furnace when first foundation is done.
Now you can build a shack… not to far from resources, then expand your base from the shack…

That’s exactly what I was doing, if you watched the other videos.

Yeah, I agree with keeping it all in 1 thread, just edit the first post, include the video + info, then bump the thread.

I guess I’ll go do that now.

I love how you do this to help new players but you kos everyone even fresh spawns… And that’s not helping new players.

It’s how I and most people play the game. I’m giving them tools to counteract that with these videos.

New players = see people and run toward them. Smart new players = See people run for their life.

Ratio of smart to non smart new players 3:200